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Get On Board Now With Our Multi-Tier Gambling Sub-Affiliate Program!

  • DID YOU KNOW that gambling sites will allocate part of their revenue to you for each customer you refer?

  • DID YOU KNOW a good number of gambling sites pay 20% - 50% of all the profits off that player for the life of the player!

  • DID YOU KNOW the usual profit on a single player is approximately $100 (your share) per month, so the earnings this Sub-Affiliate Program can generate can be staggering!

  • DID YOU KNOW there are presently over 2300 poker rooms, casinos, sports books, and bingo Web sites online, with more being launched every day and PokerConnection adds selected new sites almost every month.

  • DID YOU KNOW every one of those Web sites needs one thing to succeed, VISITORS! They are willing to pay substantially for new players and that’s where we come with our SUB-AFFILIATE PROGRAM.

  • DID YOU KNOW that most gambling sites pay you DIRECTLY via a check payable PERSONALLY to YOU in U.S. dollars?

As a Sub-Affiliate of PokerConnection, you have the opportunity to play a part in this exciting new era by partnering with the leading edge gambling site operators. PokerConnection’s Sub-Affiliate Program allows you to cash in on the popularity of online gambling with little or no investment and reap colossal rewards. This is one of the most lucrative Sub-Affiliate Programs on the Internet in the Online Gambling Industry, that we are aware of.

You will receive “life-long commissions” for every player you refer to a gambling site who clicks through your own CODED Sub-Affiliate banner on each multi-tiered gambling site. Your site is ready to go! No need to build a Website and scrupulously manage all those messy links. The work is already done and managed for you.

When you join the Sub-Affiliate Program you are supplied everything you need to start making money right away:

  • AVOID! Spending countless hours keeping track of your banners – no more updating and modifying banners!

  • DON’T! Spend money on the cost of Web-hosting and paying a Webmaster.

  • DON’T! Pay someone to build you a Web site.

  • AVOID! Time consuming energy maintaining and adding new links.

  • DON’T! Spend thousands of dollars to buy a pre-built Web site.

Benefits, Cost & What you get as a PokerConnection Sub-Affiliate

  • A turn-key Web site that’s already built for you, no coding or webmaster abilities required.

  • Choose one of several domain names in our inventory, or think up one of your own and we will register it.

  • No domain registration fees – we register all domain names and keep an inventory to choose from or we will register one of your own choosing.

  • Commissions received directly between you and the merchant – NO CUT OUT OF YOUR COMMISSIONS.

  • All required technical support for your Website.

  • A pop3 email address to the domain name you choose.

  • No separate monthly web-hosting payments – we do it for you.

  • One-time set-up fee to customize all the existing gambling banner links to your own unique CODED sub-affiliate ID.

  • Low-cost monthly maintenance and license fee.

  • You never have to wait to find new Merchants as PokerConnection maintains the management and updating of all gambling sites and continually selects and adds new sites.

  • You get all the tracking and reporting tools necessary to monitor your customers and referral payments coming to you.

  • Get a head start on Alexa™ Traffic Ranking, with a pre-registered Sub-Site that contains much of the same existing content and links as PokerConnection and their network of connected websites and could eventually achieve the same rankings by networking together.

  • Webmaster tools are automatically enabled for your Web site. AID with search engine sub-mission and link checks.

  • Access to a built in FORUM for chat discussions for you and your customers.

There is strength in numbers and because PokerConnection is a NETWORK of CONNECTED Sub-Sites, these benefits are mutual for all involved and run continuously across the board for everyone.


How does this Sub-Affiliate Program work?

A Sub-Affiliate Program works the same way as a regular Affiliate program where you have the connection between your Web site and the online merchant who will pay you a set of commission for any leads you send through your sites banners, pop-ups, links, etc…. The difference between the two is that IF THE GAMBLING SITE only offers a 1-tier program; the sub-affiliate would not be paid a commission. All 1-tier merchants pay only the primary Affiliate. IMPORTANT! Most gambling merchants on the Internet today offer 2-tier programs or higher As soon as an existing 1-tier merchant moves to a higher tier, the sub-affiliate starts to earn commissions on that gambling site that previously offered a 1-tier affiliate program.

How is a player linked to the Sub-Affiliate (you)?

When a visitor to your website clicks on a link that contains your unique affiliate ID, and goes to the casino, poker room, sports book, etc… website, your ID is allocated to their click. If the visitor downloads the software and registers, your ID is linked to their account and you are credited with a referral the moment they register. If they download & install the software, and decide to play for fun, you will be credited for a referral if they decide later on to switch to real money mode.

So how do I get paid?

PokerConnection as the Affiliate and all Sub-Affiliates are all paid by the gambling site based on the Affiliate Program from the gambling site. All gambling sites have their own way of payment and those terms and conditions should be reviewed. Keep in mind they have already been thoroughly reviewed and approved by PokerConnection prior to accepting the agreement.

How does a multi-tier Affiliate Program work?

For all 1-tier only gambling sites, the Affiliate receives the full commission.

When a customer gambles at a 2-tier affiliate program gambling site, this is when the Sub-Affiliate, YOU begin to RECEIVE FULL COMMISSION and the Affiliate receives only the smaller tiered commission, usually about 2%.

This is NOT 2% of YOUR commission; this is an additional 2% the gambling site pays extra on top of the regular commission.


It is now just over a year since launching Poker Connection in March/2003. I got the bright idea then, to start a small website, when I found out that gambling sites were sending out REAL cheques in U.S. dollars for all players referred to them. My ONLY intention then, was to spend as little time and money as possible, and SIMPLY pay someone, a reasonable ONE-TIME fee, to put my concept of a website up in the sky, where as I could own my own PART-TIME business, hand out my own business cards, and later just "collect money while I sleep". ------NOT SO------ Little did I know of what lay in store for me. I learned that gambling sites were not easy to get a hold of right away, much less receive a timely response from, if they didn't know you. They also needed to visit your EXISTING website FIRST and then APPROVE you later, ONLY if they felt a contractual relationship with you, would benefit them, AND your site was "up to snuff" enough for them. I had to PAY and PAY to have my site revamped several times to meet these various requirements, only to find that most of them "took their time" getting back to me for their final approval. AFTER such an approval, I was instructed to download their banners and codes to my website and therefore had to hire a webmaster to sort through this multitude of confusion and upload the RIGHT banners and RIGHT codes from them, to my new website. I didn't realize that these banners needed to be CHANGED everytime the gambling site changed the promotion on them. If I sat back and didn't change them promptly, I would receive E-Mails from the sites warning me to rectify OR I would be DISCONTINUED as their affiliate!

TALK ABOUT E-MAILS, I never received so many e-mails in my life. Each site I had signed up with, was now contacting me every day with different deals and promotions that they changed almost every month and they expected me to KEEP UP with them! Not only did I not have time to respond to all these e-mails, ON MY OWN, I couldn't even erase them fast enough to prevent my mailbox from overfilling! NEXT, I realized I needed a high "Google Page Rank" (at least 4 or higher) in order for my site to reach and maintain any kind of a search presence on the net. To achieve this, it would require repeated search engine submissions on an ONGOING basis and multiple link exchanges with other gambling sites, who naturally did NOT want to link to any worthless NEW site which had a 0 Page rank, (all new sites start at 0), unless I could convince them otherwise. All links needed to be checked at least once a month for broken links or the search engine robots would find them and list the site "out of order". Site content as well as articles and reviews needed to be written and inserted, by someone in the know. Paypal and Netteller accounts were definitely required and needed to be set up. ---MORE work, and MORE headaches, and still no cheques!

I was now officially in for thousands upon thousands of dollars with SO many hours spent getting the project this far, and off the ground, when it was finally beginning to become PAINFULLY EVIDENT to me, that this was by no means a PART-time business and was about to become a FULL-time job, for not just ONE PERSON, but at LEAST a minimum of 3 people! Fortunately, a few months later, my first cheques began to roll in and I was able to hire and maintain the people I required, (Poker Connection Crew), but needed to expand and reach more players, to keep the dream alive and maintain a payroll and profitability, this time, WITHOUT again getting into MORE time and MORE money. The solution was simple. I was now finally in a position to provide the public with a REAL bona-fide part-time business, just like the one I had initially only DREAMED about. They could now make the same cash income I wanted to make, WITHOUT the HUGE outlay of money and time.

HOW NOW?? By "Trading places" The gambling sites were paying me lifetime commissions on players I referred from my site, ranging from 20% to 50%. I could now afford to let some one else receive those BIG commissions for referring players from THEIR site --BECAUSE-- The gambling sites would pay me an additional commission of 2%-5% for each new site under me. That means that the NEW site promoter could receive the LARGE commissions and I would be entitled to only the SMALLER commission, BUT I could afford to do this because of and ONLY because of, the LARGE QUANTITY of new sites I would quickly bring on board! This would create a WIN-WIN-WIN situation for ALL involved with our NETWORK of "connected" websites.


Think About it!!!! Remember that cheques for NEW site promoters should come on stream usually 30-60 days after their players start to play, as we are already pre-approved by the currently listed gambling sites. Bear in mind, We currently have 38 poker rooms, 96 Casinos, 11 sports books, 18 Bingo Rooms, 4 Horse Racing, 13 Slots LISTED, and are SELECTIVELY adding more all the time, and GROWING, GROWING, GROWING, so, YOU do the math! Please also understand that although it is not necessary to have an existing website or prior website promotional experience, NOT everyone who applies to promote one of our networked sites will be approved for our program AND that different preferential options and priorities are in place, and will be awarded to those applying with proven already EXISTING high traffic websites.